Kaoru Shinsen(Poet and Writer) 



Kaoru Shinsen was born in 1971 in Ibaraki Prefecture.

She graduated from Tamagawa University, where she majored in English Literature.

Her first collection of poems, Hiyo!(Flame), written under the name of Megumi Nakamura, won the 8th Chuya Nakahara prize in 2003. The English version was published in 2004( in Yamaguchi City , Yamaguchi Prefecture).

The second collection of poems, Jujiro(Crossroad), written under the name of Megumi Nakamura , was published in 2005.

Megumi Nakamura has joined the project on Art Performance Projet La Voix des Poètes produced by Tendo Taijin since 2007.

The author name was changed to Kaoru Shinsen from Megumi Nakamura in April 2009.

The third collection of poems, Aoi haha(Mother’s voice), written under the name of Kaoru Shinsen, won The Ibaraki Literature Prize ,(in the poetry section) in 2012.

The first picture book for children,Fluffy fu (illustrated by Michiko Samizo), was published in 2014.

She was appointed as an ambassador of Hitachiota City in March 2016, and is a radio personality at Chofu FM since 2017 in a program titled, The door of the words by Kaoru Shinsen . In 2018 she participated in a program titled VΘEME ( The voice and words of the modern poetry).

The fourth collection of poems, Shirodearukara (As it is White) was published in 2019.

She is also a member of the Japan Writer’s Association.